About Fluxite:

Fluxite is based in Edmonton. Our primary work is research and development, devoted to the implementation of 'The Fluxite Remote Generator technology.
  As pioneers in this field, our work is based on in depth theory for DC electrical design work. This technology is designed for use in Alberta and specifically for our remote communities. The implementation of our technology will create quality manufacturing jobs, reduce Alberta's carbon footprint and increase the living standards in our remote communities.

Our Management:

Mr. Ken Tetterington manages Fluxite Corp. and has been granted many patents, has extensive experience in business, hardware, construction, software, and engineering. His credentials Include:
Ken Tetterington
  • Founder, CEO, COB, Director of Tetratel Inc - CDNX publicly traded company based in Canada. He built Tetratel from the ground up to a market cap of $12 million.
  • Founder, CEO, COB, Director Futomic Industries - Pink Sheets trader, designed biometric software related to the USA Homeland Security. Futomic  was purchased for cash in a buyout whereby stakeholders realized 4 times their investment in cash.
  • Founder, CEO, COB, Director SplitFish AG - SplitFish AG traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.  Mr. Tetterington negotiated an RTO of Splitfish AG with a Swiss group.
  • Founder, CEO, COB, Director Fluxite.


Our Product:

We are designing a remote electrical generator. The Fluxite generator should not be considered 'free energy' because it uses resources from the earth in the form of temperature differences and material selections to power itself.  This product is a combination of  modern technology, materials and innovative thinking.

As  Thomas Edison said 'I tested 100 ways how not to make a light bulb, but only need one to make it work'. We can appreciate this perseverance as it has taken us over 5 years of research into hundreds of ways how not to make a generator. At this time we have proven up the theory and are working on various sizes of prototypes.  The details of which are confidential.   When we are ready we will help the world enter a new and exciting era, which all people will benefit from cleaner air and non-destructive land use. Our future is indeed bright.
Our Philosophy:

As you can see, we do not spend resources on overly complicated web site designs.  We spend our time and funds on filing patents and prototyping our technology. We anticipate launching our product to the market place in late 2014. At that time we will devote more time to promotions.  We are proud to have been nominated for the Alberta Emerald Award and look forward to a time when Alberta's resources are less carbon inclusive. We do not accept unsolicited offers however if you do want to contact us we can be reached at info@Fluxite.com.
A Teaser:

This is a video of our earlier research facility. CBC / Canada French TV channel came to our facility to have a look at our progress.  The video shows an early version of our core technology, in which we show the magnetic field wobble effect. Enjoy.......